Join me in Europe?

Five hours. Forty minutes or so. That’s how long before my next flight leaves for Europe. If there’s one thing I love more than my beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland home… it’s leaving it.

This trip, I’m heading for Portugal for the first time, to explore the medieval delights of Sintra. Seville follows, and Cordoba, and Granada… and then to France, for 10 nights in the enchanting Loire and finally a few nights on a houseboat under the glow (and sparkle!) of the Eiffel Tower.

I don’t know where my wanderlust comes from, but I know if I don’t sate it, I’m a miserable kind of human.

I’ll be posting here each day I’m away: photos, anecdotes, reviews, travel tips. Dogs and doors. Gardens and gates. Funny signs. #epiclanguagefails. Bucket list and fucket list revelations. Food, possibly. History, probably. Sunrises, undoubtedly.

Join me? I’d love the company…

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