Missed it in Munich by thaaattt muuuccchhh

This magnificent stag kept me company while I waited in Munich.

By rights I should be landing in Lisbon by now. Instead I’m parked in a low-light, low-personality diner in Munich airport, my bags and cushions and scarves and assorted travel paraphernalia spread out (tucked in) around me.

For some reason lost in the mists of early-booking time, I booked with Singapore Air (as I always do – I love them to pieces and will write a blog post one day about all the reasons why) but ended up flying with their partner airline Lufthansa: Brisbane – Singapore – Munich – Lisbon.

Then for some reason lost in the mists of early-morning computer issues at Brisbane, I couldn’t be checked in all the way through. I’d have to check in for the last leg when I arrived in Munich. There was only a 45-minute window between arriving in Munich and leaving for Lisbon (airline-scheduled, I feel compelled to add – I prefer at least 90 minute windows between connections when I can). And then the Singapore – Munich leg was late, and the airport doors (bizarrely) from our plane to the terminal remained locked for several agonising minutes and there were slow escalators and slower fellow travellers and closed service centres and upstairs and downstairs and on trains and up more stairs and anyway, by the time I got checked in and got to the gate, I’d missed my connection.

The Lufthansa staff on the ground have been excellent in every way; it wasn’t their fault, and they were courteous and apologetic and tried very hard to help. But long story short, I’ve a few hours to kill in Munich airport, and too many assorted travel items to spend those hours wandering the airport.

So I’m writing a whiny blog post instead, because I did promise I’d blog every day of my trip, and I figure by the time I do make it to Sintra this evening, around 36 hours of continuous travelling after I left home, I won’t be in any mood to apply my inferior WordPress skills to my blog.

Silver linings? Beautiful scrambled eggs with smoked salmon here in my little low-light Munich diner; opportunities to practise my really dreadful eighth-grade German language skills; time to sit, and breathe, and sort my overseas internet and buy some euros.

So, all good. And soon… Sintra! And a hot shower, and a quiet night. #middleagedtravelgoals

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