Colour me happy!
Palacio Nacional da Pena is a brilliant surprise

While the Palacio da Pena was on my must-see list for Sintra, that was mostly because it seemed convenient to bundle up a couple of Sintra’s proximal famous landmarks (the other was the atmospheric Castelo dos Mouros, which I’ll also post about soon).

I’d seen the Pinterest photos and I was prepared to hate it. And perhaps I was simply still floating on that mountain-air high of the Moorish Castle, but I reached Pena and was enchanted.

Gaudy? Certainly. Garish? You bet.

But I defy you to view the scale, the sculpturing, the details and the colours – oh, the colours! – and not a) snort with laughter at the flamboyant ridiculousness and b) come away absurdly and affectionately happy.

There’s a stunning progression of palace ceilings I thought I might make into a photographic series, and I still might, but my gift to you in this post is the colour. Enjoy!

And if you’d like to know more about the palace and park, look here, because I soaked up hardly any of the factual details during my visit. I was too high on colour!

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